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Inserts that attendees are proud to be identified with.

The right paper inserts are essential because they put the "name" in name tags—literally. We make sure yours fill the bill by offering one of the largest selections in the world and—equally important—helping you choose the ones that are best for your meeting and budget.

We make it easier for you to print your own inserts.

By letting you download a free template and printing instructions for every size insert we carry. Designing templates that simplify full-bleed printing. And offering brighter, superior insert paper stock. It's easier to separate than the competition and 40% thicker so it slips into holders without wrinkles.

Or we'll do the printing and more for you!

We'll print your inserts in vivid Full-Colour Hi-Def or match your specific logo colour with the Pantone ® Colour Matching System. Personalize them with attendee names. Even trim and alphabetize the inserts for you.

Name Tag Insert - Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't all name tag inserts alike?

After over 30 years in the meeting planning business and dozens of competitive analysis tests, we can answer emphatically: No. The criteria for judging name tag inserts are:

  • Do they strike the perfect balance in weight: light enough to feed through the printer jam-free yet heavy enough to hold their shape while inserting in holders?
  • Are they perforated to ensure that the sheet stays together through printing but separates easily with just one or two bends of during name tag assembly?
  • Does the paper stock have a clean, bright finish that takes printer toner without smudging?
The paper name tag inserts from pc/nametag Canada® meet all these criteria. If you make some comparisons for yourself you'll find out how rare that is!

Where can I find printing templates for my inserts?

Find the FREE Microsoft® Word® Template that matches your name tag inserts by using our new Free Template Library. That's where you'll also find a link to download instructions for setting up Mail Merge in Microsoft® Word®.

What size fonts should I use?

We generally recommend 26-40 pt type for the first name in a clear, easy-to-read font like Helvetica or Arial. The golden rule in name tag design is to make the first name readable from 10 ft. away so introductions and networking are easy. The rest of the information on the name tag should be smaller so that first name really leaps out.

How can I use inserts to help me organize attendees?

We offer a full selection of Colour Bar and Title/Colour Bar inserts to categorize attendees for easy identification.

Is there an easy way to print customized agendas on the back of my inserts?

Our Datamax On-Site Printer offers the option of printing 4-1/4" x 6" Slotted Fanfold Paper Stock featuring dual-sided printing; then you fold the stock in half and attach a lanyard with no need for a vinyl holder.

Another idea: rather than trying to print front and back, set up your mail merge to print two inserts side-by-side. The name insert is printed on the left column and the agenda on the right. After printing you simply fold both sides together and slip them into the holder. It takes more paper, but sure saves printing hassles.

What emergency information can/should I include on the back of my badge?

Since most of your guests will be traveling into town, consider allowing space for two types of emergency information:

On-location Emergency Information: Local Police, Fire and Ambulance phone numbers plus the address of the nearest Emergency Room. It’s a sensitive issue but you may also consider including local chapters of support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous.

Personal Emergency Information: Leave space to let your guests fill in any medical conditions, allergies, and next-of-kin or emergency contact.

What is the fastest way to separate inserts after printing?

Most planners find it’s easiest to grab a stack of 3-5 insert sheets at a time. Bend the entire stack back and forth along each perforation line, then place the stack on a table and pull along the perforations. Using these small batches of sheets is more efficient than separating each sheet individually.

What size holder should I order for my insert?

Just order a holder that's the same size as your insert. We've already built in the room you need for hassle-free assembly. And our selection of holders is just as vast as the one for our inserts.

Do you offer any eco-friendly inserts?

Conservation and stewardship are two practices we take very seriously here at pc/nametag Canada® . That’s why we have a full selection of greener options.