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Ribbon Guide

Ribbons set a name tag apart.

They can be used to identify, colour-code, recognize or just have a little fun.
An Exclusive stack-a-ribbon ® award creates instant recognition. With bright colours, a polished professional appearance, and over 70 titles in-stock, this industry standard offers the rare combination of class, understatement and effectiveness. The benefits are numerous and the cost is low.

Custom Ribbons for meetings

Name Badge Ribbon - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my ribbons with the tape on the back instead of the front?

Yes! And we can do it with just 2 additional production days and a nominal fee per ribbon.

Can I imprint ribbons with white type?

Yes you can! Our white imprints are formulated to appear clean and crisp on all ribbon colour. Unfortunately, the white lettering others use doesn’t always offer distinct coverage on coloured ribbons. On a red background, for instance, the imprint may appear pinkish.

How do the price breaks work with in-stock ribbons?

Simply add up the quantities of each title you need to get a total. This total gives you your price break.
10 “Speaker” Ribbons
20 “Committee Member” Ribbons
1 “President” Ribbons
50 "5-Year" Ribbons
111 (to be charged at the 100 unit price break)

Can I combine multiple titles to get price breaks?

Yes! We add up any combination of in-stock titles to calculate your price break. Hey, why should saving your budget be hard?

What’s the minimum order quantity per title?

There are none! For in-stock ribbons you can order as few as 1 ribbon. For custom ribbons we simply add a $15 surcharge for orders under 100 units.

Can I get in-stock titles in any print colour besides gold?

Yes, but a different foil colour bumps it up to a custom order with a slightly higher per unit price and a nominal set-up fee.

Can I get in stock colours in any color besides the one listed?

Yes, but a different ribbon colour bumps it up to a custom order with a slightly higher per unit price and a nominal set-up fee.

Is the tape included in the price?

Yes it is!

How do I order custom stack-a-ribbon ® awards?

We make it easy. Email us at [email protected] or call us 1-888-283-7939 and we will get you started!